Our why is very clear. 

Our why goes far beyond the lobe loves you’ve so generously purchased. 

But that’s exactly where is starts. 

I truly believe we live in a world filled with beauty. At our every turn God’s creation stare back at us and we are constantly reminded of how fearfully and wonderfully made we truly truly are. 

It is with his creation and beauty in mind that I wish to use Six Siblings Studio to give back as regularly and with as greater impact as I can.

Currently your generous financial contribution supports the sponsorship of a child, John, who lives in the Phillipines. Your financial contribution to this business has also raised funds for Lifeline Australia during the bushfires of early 2020, supported single mothers in our community, foster families during the Covid 19 pandemic and provided philanthropic opportunities for school leavers. These contributions are just the start of many more to come. 

Please contact me (see contact page) if you have any ideas or ways in which you think Six Siblings Studios could provide support to someone you know.